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Get Verified

Campaign and Information

  1. Overview
  2. Upcoming "Get Verified" Kiosk Dates & Locations
  3. Verified / Real
  4. Unverified / May be Fake
  5. Spotted / Probably Real


The Get Verified campaign is an innovative new identity system created by MXS Media Solutions LTD. for its network of Social Network web sites, including The aim is to give users peace of mind when interacting and socializing on these web sites, and to resolve some of the prominent issues related to online activity, such as false identities, and identity theft.

The Get Verified system works off a set of "badges" placed at the top of member profiles, which indicate if the member is Verified / Real, Spotted / Probably Real, or Unverified / May be Fake.

Users can get their accounts Verified by visiting an official "Get Verified" Kiosk. Throughout the campaign, these kiosks will be setup at designated dates and times, at popular locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area. At the kiosk, users must present a piece of photo I.D. that shows their full name and date of birth. and MXS Media Solutions LTD. do not disclose this information to any third parties, and personal information is not harvested for any marketing purposes.

Upcoming "Get Verified" Kiosks

To Be Announced Shortly
A new series of Get Verified kiosks will be announced shortly!

Verified / Real

Verified means the user is real and their age is correct. His/her account has been officially Verified at an "Get Verified" Kiosk, and has confirmed their name and birthdate. Users must have at least one (1) photo of themselves in their profile, in order to be Verified. Also, any personal information they choose to make public in their profile must be accurate.

Unverified / May be Fake

Unverified means the account has not been verified. The user may potentially be a fake/false identity. The images in the profile may or may not be of themselves, and any (or all) information in the profile (including age, name, location, gender) may be false. Approach any unverified accounts with caution.

Spotted / Probably Real

Spotted means the user is probably real, but has NOT been Verified. Users can be marked as "Spotted" when a minimum of 5 Verified users have vouched for that person and stated that they know the person to be real. Should the Spotted user turn out to not be real, any Verified users that vouched for the person will immidiately be disabled and banned permanently from the web site.