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  • Category: Park
  • Rating: 7
  • Views: 6228
  • City: Brampton
  • Price: $
  • Hours: Always
  • Address:
    9050 Bramalea Rd.
    (Google Map)


Chinguacousy Park is home to many events and celebrations; Brampton's own ski hill for skiing, snowboarding, snowblading, tubing and tobogganing; curling rink with licensed lounge; volleyball courts; tennis courts; skateboard park; sports fields; paddleboats; a farm complete with a petting zoo and pony rides; mini golf; batting cage; tennis courts; children's splash pool; picnic shelters; a band shell for concerts and a renowned greenhouse, chapel and botanical garden. Wedding photography is free outdoors, but the greenhouse requires a permit.


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Attended: No     Rating: None
Sedation wrote:

i live more or less right across the street from here, if you like bike riding and you like taking walks, i suggest going here, its a great place for kids too.

Attended: Yes     Rating: 10
heart-BROKEN wrote:

i live so close to here.. honestly.. it gets boring after awhile.. ...

Attended: Yes     Rating: 7
Yakuzakidd wrote:

i love going there to go snowboarding and stuff like that because I'm an amateur rider trying to make it pro still

Attended: Yes     Rating: 8
[DELETED USER #169036] wrote:

Ching was pretty awesome when i lived there. used to play there when i was little, and when i moved back there when i was 17 it was sick for acid trips and pot sessions. too bad i had to leave.

Attended: Yes     Rating: 8
xxHARDCORExx wrote:

yup the park is looking really good these days they have a nice skate park there and i play volleyball there sometimes when im bored i live like right beside it kinda but i live in the paki nd nigger buildings :S 3knightbridge

Attended: Yes     Rating: 8
Phil wrote:

I use to clean that f*@!king park when i worked for the city it's an amazing park to smoke up sessions :D

Attended: No     Rating: None
Fernandez wrote:

lol place overall is pretty lame, I mean I live right behind the park nothing really big.. they have some good things once in a blue mooon but is only good if you happen to be part of a sports team thats about it (Y)

Attended: Yes     Rating: 5
[DELETED USER #164277] wrote:

Seriously, Chinguacousy is just okay. The skatepark is nothing compared to Iceland, and the petting zoo loses it's flare when you hit 13 years old. In the winter it's not too bad, it's okay for beginners with the hill.

Attended: Yes     Rating: 6
Lollerskates wrote:

Meh, canada day f*@!king suckedddd. I'll get pictures of the skatepark tomorrow

Attended: Yes     Rating: 7
Mykole wrote:

Nice tennis courts. Better in the winter, with the hill and all. And the indoor tennis is pretty cool. Not much to do during summer, except Beach Volleyball Mondays. Good for getting in shape, the runs are very scenic and difficult.

Attended: Yes     Rating: 7
Toaster Struddle wrote:

the pool is full of smelly pakies now and black people that dont bathe unless there in that pool, shit the water the f*@!king swans swim in is cleaner

Attended: Yes     Rating: None
Sneaky wrote:

If you want some AIDS infested pussy, go their during Canada Day.

Attended: Yes     Rating: 5
Toaster Struddle wrote:

Theres nothing to do here unless you skateboard, or wanna see some smelly f*@!king animals, You get kicked out by cops or security after 12. Theres NO POINT in hanging out here its GAY

Attended: Yes     Rating: None
xxmanda wrote:

Isn't there a pool here, my mom used to take my brother and I when we were kids!

Attended: Yes     Rating: 8
w1ck3d wrote:

LOL @ ME PUTTING MY NAME. I'm f*@!king retarded.

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