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  • Category: Street
  • Rating: 8
  • Views: 5573
  • City: Markham
  • Price: $
  • Hours: N/A
  • Address:
    136 - 206 Main St.
    (Google Map)

Main St.

Main St. is one of Unionville's heritage jewels, providing visitors with a wonderful atmosphere, whether you visit for the food, the shops, or just to take a stroll down the street and around Toogood Pond. Main St. is located in Unionville, one light West of Kennedy, off Highway 7. Turn North on Main St., and follow it until you see the little commercial zone with old buildings that now play host to various restaurants, cafes, shoe and clothing shops, jewelers, arts & crafts stores, and even a high end lingerie shop. Around the corner from Main St. is Toogood Pond and its surrounding park, ideal for a pleasant stroll. There are two observation decks, and plenty of benches lining the paths.


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Attended: No     Rating: None
mikedahustla wrote:

Live in Unionville. Going there sunday night.

Attended: Yes     Rating: 10
Blue_Dragon wrote:

Pretty fun for a night out with the friends for some innocent fun. But it is a very romantic place...noticed alot of couples go. Pretty fun over all and its open late so in the summer its always good to go there even at last minute.

Attended: Yes     Rating: 9
Paulo Vaas1 wrote:

i own half the street check unionville arms.

Attended: Yes     Rating: 10
[DELETED USER #169807] wrote:

Love this place. I used to work at the Chophouse a while back and the atmosphere of the whole place is beautiful. With a little nice weather, some good company, Main St. makes for a great night out. The Arms was my personal favourite, but Jake's is still nice. I recommend everyone check this place out at least once, see if it's your piece of pie.

Attended: Yes     Rating: 10
neon blonde wrote:

i live like 5 minutes away and agreed, their festivals are always funnn

Attended: Yes     Rating: 7
[DELETED USER #168338] wrote:

loveeee.. wild wing and jakes are awesome

Attended: Yes     Rating: 10
Mizz-Italia13 wrote:

I have been living in unionville since i was born. Unionville is the best since its a small little town, it feels like everyone knows everybody. Main st. unionville has had their times of being good and bad. Overall Unionville is amazing , and beautiful. only thing im missing the unionville arms that burnt down :(

Attended: Yes     Rating: 10
ArmoStylez wrote:

'tis a good place to be, petro were going one time :)

Attended: No     Rating: None
[DELETED USER #98296] wrote:

during the summer its pretty sick. i go all the time

Attended: Yes     Rating: 8
[DELETED USER #141108] wrote:

uhmmm it was kinda gayy i was there last thursdayy.. i got this old fashion pop and it was alright but other then that it was boring lol

Attended: Yes     Rating: 2
Paulo Vaas1 wrote:

its pretty live during the summer, jammin during festivals, the bars are live, markham kids can outdrink stupid city slickers..... the first guy is a f*@!king idiot too, you said you havent attended, why the f*@!k would anybody trust your opinion.

Attended: Yes     Rating: 9
imfolo_italian wrote:

LMAO, oh, good ol' unionville, petromak u know how it is :P

Attended: Yes     Rating: None
petromak wrote:

Shit, lost count how many times i've walked here. Hundreds of good times there. Definately a place to be --

Attended: Yes     Rating: 10
[DELETED USER #165678] wrote:

best place ever. i used to go with my family every week when i was younger. best ice cream as well and fairly cheap. even though most stores are closed at night, its just so beautiful to walk around in that area...its so peaceful

Attended: Yes     Rating: 10
xoeuro_pr1ncess wrote:

This is where I had my first date lol! I use to live in markham so unionville main street was where it was at. I loved it. Too Good Pond was a great location to sit and talk, and take pictures. I was actually thinking of going their today lol. Th

Attended: Yes     Rating: 10
AFG1 wrote:

best place to be during theree festivalss lots of fun

Attended: Yes     Rating: 9

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